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Success Stories

East West Wellness Center has been helping patients for over 20 years. We have helped thousands of patients with various conditions and illnesses. Our next success story could be yours!

Ankle and Foot Pain

Patient came into our office with sciatica pain and muscle spasms in her lower back. She states “after only one Acupuncture treatment from East West Wellness Center, I’ve hardly had any pain since then. I’ve also been treated for Insomnia and sleep issues with Acupuncture. I love this center.”

Sciatica and Low Back Pain

“East West Wellness Center gave me my life back.” Patient came into our office with excruciating pain throughout her leg. After just her first treatment she was able to walk out feeling absolutely no pain.

Headaches and Acne

“I had constant headaches for 2 years now, but after two months of working with Dr Ji, my headaches were more controllable. I also struggled with acne skin issues for the past 5 years and tried many different treatments before acupuncture. Acupuncture helped me clear up my skin.”

Low Back Pain

“It’s amazing how quickly my low back pain has healed.”

Low Back Pain

Patient experienced severe pain and stiffness in his low back on a daily basis. He received a total of 8 acupuncture treatments and has recovered 100%. He is now completely pain free!

Low Back Pain and Insomnia

Patient has suffered from low back and sciatica pain for years. After just one treatment at our center, she feels the pain has improved greatly and has hardly experienced pain since. Acupuncture also helped this patient with insomnia.

Torn Meniscus Knee

Torn Meniscus Knee patient recovered 100% after 13 treatments . She can now walk and zumba and is “perfect”.

Acute Neck Pain

Lovely patient suffered from sudden acute extreme neck and back pain for one week. She was very scared when she first came in, thinking the pain would never go away. After just three acupuncture treatments, she was 100% better.

Chronic Neck Pain

Lovely patient suffered from years of moderate to severe neck and sciatic numbness and pain. She has tried many forms of therapy with no success. After a session of 10 Acupuncture treatments in one month, she has seen great improvement and is much better.

Thyroid Condition

Patient made a complete recovery from Thyroid Issues, back and leg pain with acupuncture treatments. She received second place in the Women Jujitsu Competition held in California this year, congrats Liz!

Foot and Ankle Swelling

Lovely patient suffered from an insect bite on her foot. Her foot was extremely swollen and painful. After just one acupuncture treatment, she was almost 100% better. She avoided any type of prescriptions and medications.


“Acupuncture has helped my glaucoma conditions, I can now see much better and have less pressure in my eyes.”

Neck Pain

Lovely patient had neck pain with disc degeneration and was very concerned. To her surprise, within 1 visit she felt much better and her pain was completely resolved within 5 visits.

Bells Palsy

Patient has been experiencing Bells Palsy for many months. He had 20 acupuncture visits and now has full range of motion in his face.

Arm Pain

Patient was experiencing muscle pain in her arm and lower back after exercising. After just a few treatments she is now pain free.

Knee Pain

Patient came in with extreme knee pain with grinding, bone on bone sensations. After just one session, she was walking much better and wasn’t hurting “1/10 as it was before.” The grinding sensation was completely gone.

Low Back Pain

Patient was experiencing strong pain in his lower back, had trouble walking due to the pain. After just a few treatments, he reports a 90% improvement!

Shoulder Pain

Mr Martin came into our clinic for very limited range of motion in his shoulder due to a surgery. After just a few treatments, his range of motion improved greatly!

Back Pain and Migraines

Patient was experiencing strong pain in her low back as well as migraines. Immediately felt a dramatic improvement after just her first visit.

Low Back Pain

Patient came into our office with low back pain and numb, tingling sensations in her leg. After just a few treatments she is completely pain free!