Our treatment process

What to expect at your Acupuncture appointment

1. Consultation and Evaluation

 Your acupuncture session begins with a evaluation and
assessment. Talk openly with your specialist about your concerns and problems. We will ask you specific questions relating to your health conditions. Feel free to share any concerns you have; your information is always confidential with us. The initial treatment will take approximately 90 to 120 minutes so please make ample time for your appointment.

 If you have X-Rays, MRI reports or any medical testing done, please bring a copy of the summary of findings with you so we can better understand your condition. The more information we have the better we can help you. 

2. Treatment Process

Now, your session will begin. Each one of our acupuncture session includes Acupuncture, with or without electrical stimulation, infrared heat lamp, cupping (if necessary), and 15 minutes of acupressure. This combination of multiple natural modalities enables our patients to achieve a more effective result.

We use one-time disposable sterile needles that are hair thin. Most people report little or no sensation at all. Depending on your diagnosis, we stimulate certain points to get the desired result. 

3.Electrical Stimulation

We may use electrical stimulation during the course of your treatment. This stimulation causes more circulation / blood flow to the targeted area. More blood flow  equals more nutrients carried to the area for faster healing. We use this on tense muscles, areas of pain, numbness and stagnation. ​

4. Cupping

We may perform cupping on you during a particular treatment. Cupping helps move the circulation by pulling blood to a region to stimulate healing. Tight muscles and fascia can be worked out by cupping. Cupping helps the body develop new blood flow, it rids the body of toxins, and reduce inflammation.

Depending on how severe the stagnation in your body is, cupping marks can last up a week. Don’t be alarmed if there is a dark bruise looking spot where the cups were marked, this is normal and will start fading a day after your treatment. 




4. Acupressure

Your treatment comes with Acupressure. This is usually the favorite step for many patients. Acupressure is very much like a massage except with deeper and targeted pressure. We may work on points or parts of the body that may seem unrelated but are crucial to your healing.

We can provide mild, medium or deep pressure acupressure. Please let our staff know your pressure preference during your treatment. Finding the right points and applying sufficient amount of pressure are essential to a good treatment.

Follow ups and instructions after treatment

After your session, you may feel immediate pain relief, moderate relief or relief that are more apparent through time. For Acute issues such as waking up with a stiff neck, sprained wrist, or pain that has been brought on suddenly; relief or improvements may be seen immediately. For Chronic conditions that have been experienced for 1-3 months, the condition will usually improve within few a treatments. For problems that have persisted for 6 months and longer, more frequent and regular treatments and patience will be needed. We strongly recommend patients to schedule twice per week for their sessions for the first few weeks. The more consistent you are with treatments, the better your results will be. If your body is suffering from pain and ailments, please take care of it by giving appropriate natural treatments as soon and as much as possible.

​Thank you and we look forward to be serving you. Any questions please feel free to contact our office.

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