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$55 / session

Are you looking for a quick fix? Need to be back in time for work or just want to get home to the kids? East West Wellness Center is excited to provide express Acupuncture! Our goal is to provide everyone with speedy, accessible and attainable care that helps you stay well by simplifying the language of Chinese medicine and lowering the cost of service. Treatments take place in a shared environment with 1-2 others.

Why Express Acupuncture?

1. Efficient

Express Acupuncture takes half the amount of time as a regular acupuncture session. Sessions range from 30 – 45 minutes rather than an 1 to 1.5 hours.

Express Acupuncture consists of acupuncture, and electric stimulation on the needles versus Regular Acupuncture which consists of acupuncture, electrical stimulation, cupping therapy and a 15 minute massage (first visit only).

Perfect for patients looking for a quick tune up / fast pain relief.

2. Affordable

Express Acupuncture sessions are priced at $55 / each compared to regular acupuncture sessions of $130 (initial) and $80 (follow-up).

Express Acupuncture is a great option for self paying patients as well as patients who have just ran out of insurance visits. We would also recommend it to patients who have seen improvement through regular acupuncture treatments and are looking for maintenance treatments. 

3. Relief

Patients with the following conditions are good candidates for express acupuncture. Express Acupuncture focuses on one condition and related symptoms 

– Pain Related Conditions (neck, shoulder, back, arm, hand, knee, leg pain etc.)

– Headaches

– Stress

– Maintenance and Tune Ups


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