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What is Acupuncture? 5 things you should know

Nov 28, 2018

How does it even work? Does it hurt? Acupuncture is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine that has been around since quite literally the Stone Age where stones and sharp tools would be used to puncture and drain the skin… yikes. Fortunately, we are a bit more advanced with our techniques now as acupuncture involves inserting thin needles in the body to stimulate points and has proven itself to be an effective way of treating many pains and illnesses. More and more people are starting to see the natural healing benefits of Acupuncture, however we still get many questions about this ancient therapy that we will answer today!

How does Acupuncture work?

Acupuncture involves the insertion of thin needles along the body to stimulate specific points and in return promote natural healing. The most modern scientific explanation is that by stimulating specific points in the body, the nervous system releases endorphins, the body’s natural pain killing chemicals) in the body, brain, and spinal cord. These endorphins alter pain sensations and trigger the release of other chemicals that promote the body’s natural healing and internal regulation systems.

But… does it actually work?

Yes, there is an increasing number of research that proves the natural therapies effectiveness and it is being used progressively in America in conjunction with Western medicine. Acupuncture has been proven to treat conditions ranging from depression to hypertension to induction of labor. The University of San Diego School of Medicine conducted case control studies that have a full list of conditions that Acupuncture can help with here.

However, it is important to keep in mind acupuncture should not be used as a cure all. Since acupuncture is completely natural with little to none side effects, it can be used in conjunction with any other treatment you are receiving or any current prescriptions or pain medications you’re taking. Acupuncture has actually helped our patient’s decrease their dosage of pain medications or stop their reliance all together.

Does it hurt?

Very rarely. Acupuncture needles are extremely thin. The most pain you may feel is a dull ache at the base of the needle when inserted or a slight tingling sensation. If it is your first time getting acupuncture, you may feel light soreness following your treatment. This is normal and usually subsides the day after.

How many treatments will I need?

It depends from patient to patient, condition to condition. Some patients with an acute condition see a drastic improvement after the first visit while others with more chronic conditions take a few weeks or months to feel improvement.  It is important to stay consistent with your treatments in order to see steady results. We usually recommend patients to come twice a week in the beginning and as your conditions start improving, decrease to once a week, to none at all. We like to compare it to exercise, the more consistent you are with treatments, the better your results will be.

How can I prepare for my visit?

  • Our first visit takes around an hour and a half, follow ups take around an hour so make ample time for your appointments. It is important to be relaxed during your appointment!
  • Be prepared to go over your medical history and bring any relevant test results, medication lists, or documentation that would help your therapist understand your condition.
  • Eat appropriately and drink plenty of water so you are comfortable during your treatment.
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing so your therapist can place needles in the right places.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us or give us a call at 240-386-8608. Our staff are dedicate to helping you get on the path of healing your body the natural way ????